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About Prime Communications

Meeting your business goals is about more than working with experts. You need a team that understands and cares about your business goals.

Prime Communications is a Pittsburgh-based communications integrator with over 30 years’ experience providing converged VoIP, Unified Communications, Contact Center, and Networking applications and infrastructure to regional enterprises. From consultation, design, installation, and on-going support, Prime recognizes that providing an effective solution means more than just selling a superior product. Our client’s needs come first, which is why we are committed to designing and supporting solutions around your changing functional, financial, technical and support needs.

Prime presently serves well over 10,000 users with a client base that includes major national accounts, high profile locally based corporations, and communications-critical institutional and government users. A local team of dedicated, professional engineers and consultants, in conjunction with some of the country’s leading equipment manufacturers and software developers, serves Prime’s highly satisfied client base.

Prime Communications exists to deliver and support business communication applications and infrastructure in our client’s enterprise. With our alliances with leading technology providers, Prime assures our clients a path to embrace new communication technologies while protecting their existing investments. Prime’s commitment to our customers is reflected in every interaction as we strive for excellence in our ongoing customer service and support.

To be the trusted provider of integrated network solutions for our client’s business communication requirements.

To create a sustainable business model that delivers excellent support to our customers and financial stability to the business.

To create a work environment that balances the demands of delighting our customers with the pursuit of our other passions.

Our actions reflect who we are and why our customers choose to partner with us. We are accountable to deliver on our commitments efficiently, on time, and as promised.

We are committed to effective and timely communication. This responsibility extends to our customers, vendors, and employees.

Our enterprise is built on a foundation of trust. We are honest and upfront in our interactions with our customers, vendors, and employees. Mistakes, errors, and omissions are acknowledged and we learn from them.

We use our talent and initiative and those we work with to deliver for clients.   We strive to say “yes”. We consider, collaborate, and verify.

We celebrate the uniqueness of those with whom we work. We recognize and empathize with the diversity of our own personal desires and aspirations. We care for those we work with and we demonstrate it by our everyday interactions.

VoIP Solutions

Unify your communications with a cloud-based VoIP solution to streamline your communication and collaboration.

Cloud Services

The right cloud solution gives you security and versatility, accelerating the speed of your business without complicating your workflow.

Managed Services

We build our systems on top of the line hardware and with the latest best practices so that the technology behind your business is reliable and secure.

Network Services

Redefine the boundaries of your virtual workplace with a complete network services solution, giving your team a reliable and practical collaboration platform.

Some of our Technology Partners

Prime Communications has a comprehensive product portfolio that includes an impressive roster of global partners representing industry-leading technology.